Our Vision is for

business Leaders to be conversant with 5DL - Five Dimensions of Leadership and to embrace them to lead their business to higher levels of sustained performance.


Our Mission is to

work with and support the Leadership of Businesses as they grow their awareness of what is required of them to become outstanding leaders and to take their organisations forward embracing the Five Dimensions of Leadership. We do this by offering a range of high quality, tailored consultancy services:


Securing Delivery

We work alongside Leaders align critical talent around a future focused mindset (5DL) on major change projects such as, complex multi-cultural M&As, strategic change, and IT change.


Securing The Leader

We adopt the role of Trusted Advisor providing 1:1 consultancy and mentoring enabling the Leader to build a 5DL leadership mindset that delivers, sustainability, great human leadership, innovation and a company that is ethical and honest.


Securing Future Leader Development

We work with wider management teams and individuals to grow their capability in the Five Dimensions securing their place in business succession plans.


Our Strategic Partners

We recognise that 5DL adds significant value through a range of different applications and are working with a number of Strategic Partners in this respect:


Right Click Recruitment

Our Partner shares our view that mastery of the Five Dimensions is key to being a successful leader and has built a 5DL assessment module into the recruitment process measuring leadership capability alongside competency evaluation.


Nottingham University

Our Partner shares our view that Leadership Development programmes need to adopt the Five Dimensions and has incorporated 5DL into a joint NUBS-CLC Masters Programme.


The Institute of Psychosynthesis

Our sister organisation shares our view that Self Development is a lifelong process and many of their programmes will complement the insights a leader gains from the Five Dimensions.



5DL The Book

5DL The Book Rev1

Arriving summer 2017

The Creative Manager

CM Reduced

An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.