Outstanding leaders:-


  • Are Self aware
  • Have an inner radar
  • Are authentic and real


This dimension is the foundation of all the other dimensions. Without developing Self Awareness and our ability to reflect upon ourselves and our thoughts, feelings and behaviours we are almost completely focused outside ourselves we tend to objectify everything outside ourselves - and are thus controlled by the environment around us, by other people and their thoughts and feelings, by the events of business, of family and of society. In the extreme, without the ability to self reflect we become in effect victims to the world around us. We react rather than proact and we are not aware that we are doing so!

Many new leaders find themselves after a few months - caught in this way. They may start out with some sense of their own ground, and have some self-awareness. If this awareness is not strong enough, they soon become caught up in the demands and pressures on them from within their organisation, by pressure to achieve their targets, the pressure from above from their people and externally (through compliance, regulators, shareholders as well as competitors). Within a short time they slowly become overwhelmed, tired and less able to step back and self-reflect as a consequence find themselves reacting and becoming caught in the vicious cycle of adaptation and reactivity.

The key to whether we get caught in this way and the degree to which we get caught will be the relative strength of your 1DL. We have developed a series of tools to help leaders self-assess to provide the foundations on which to work with them to improve their capability in this dimension. We use various support platforms including in-depth training and coaching support.

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An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.