Outstanding leaders:-

  • See patterns
  • Understand how things hang together
  • Know their place in the world


Until they worked closely with a CLC consultant the majority of leaders were unaware that their organisational system impacts them as individuals, their teams and their divisions in very powerful ways. This is understandable because system structures and forces are not visible but act in ways that compel people and teams to behave in very predictable ways.

This practical level of organisational thinking, is still in its infancy in terms of becoming a means whereby leaders think about the their teams and their organisations. Much of the current system thinking about organisations remains at a rather theoretical, intellectual and abstract level and has not been well translated for the individual leader.

At CLC we have used Oshrys Organisation Workshop as a powerful tool to work with Leaders and teams to build a deeper appreciation of 3DL practically referencing their own system and how to manage it.

We demonstrate how much of the costly breakdowns are systemic not personal how they develop out of our blindness to the human systems of which we are a part and we show how powerful, productive, and satisfying partnerships are created when we are able to recognise and stop destructive system dances.

5DL The Book

5DL The Book Rev1

Arriving summer 2017

The Creative Manager

CM Reduced

An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.