CLC working with leaders and their teams to ensure everyone is aware of what is required of them in the new world

CLC Consultants have nearly three decades experience in supporting the management of the complex dynamic leaders face as they create and build specialist groups and teams to meet the present and future needs of the business. This experience includes helping leaders to understand when and how to:-

  • Use specialist groups
  • Create appropriate types of teams including:-
    • Cross functional teams thta work across and through a matrix
    • Core and sub project teams
    • High performance teams
    • Change teams, created to direct and deliver complex organisational change before disbanding at the end of the change process
  • Design and facilitate large group events using a highly participative and interactive process to develop alignment and ownership
  • Develop team members in line with their 5DL profile and the requirements of the team
  • Develop teams in line with 5DL requirements

5DL The Book

5DL The Book Rev1

Arriving summer 2017

The Creative Manager

CM Reduced

An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.