CLC's recruitment support package provides further valuable insight into the suitability of a potential new leader by evaluating their fit to the business culture and their aptitude for development in line with 5DL

CLC Consultants using a series of interviews and questions based on 5DL will assess candidates against each DL and provide a detailed report to sit alongside the in-house recruiter's competency assessment and other forms of evaluation. Typically this will have three distinct components:-

  1. Questionnaire
    • The candidates will complete a detailed 5DL focussed questionnaire in addition to a separate questionnaire designed to assess 'personal mastery'
    • The candidates will also provide their CV and any other assessment material specified by the business
  2. Face to face interview
    • An in-depth interview with a CLC consultant to explore their response and focus on 5DL
  3. 5DL development report - The CLC consultant will provide an extensive report comprising:-
    • Snap shot 'real time' assessment of the candidates against each DL
    • Evaluation of how the candidates will fit into the style and culture of the business
    • Development plan to enable the candidates to grow in line with 5DL once they have joined the business

5DL The Book

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An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.