CLC working closely with its sister organisation the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London

CLC Consultants are all trained in management consulting, coaching and counselling / psychotherapy. Many have graduated through the Institute in a range of coaching, counselling and other psychometric techniques. Many have graduated through the Institute of Psychosynthesis which continues to provide its students with training focussed on evoking and realising the underlying potential and creativeness in every individual. The Institute offers Post Grad level diplomas and MA's in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Staff from businesses can enrol on these courses to knowledge transfer key skills for the future of projects in the business.

5DL The Book

5DL The Book Rev1

Arriving summer 2017

The Creative Manager

CM Reduced

An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.