In an attempt to reverse its decline the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) had spent millions on government assistance to this town in an attempt to kick-start regeneration through, a series of industrial and business parks and estates...but all this effort over a period of 5-7 years produced little effect.

The CEO of the WDA hired CLC to find new ways to think about the town and design a way of the town taking responsibility for its own development, from the inside that is. CLC started by listening. They conducted an diagnostic covering of over 1.5% of the population of 16,000 people. It also involved listening to local businesses including Sealink and Rio Tinto Zinc, to selected politicians, to professional groups such as social workers and the police to groupings of local people.

On the basis of this diagnosis, CLC prepared a report to the CEO and senior team at the WDA and with them presented their findings to town hall meetings of some 350 people. The main conclusion was that 'people wanted to save their town' but their attempts had been confounded by internecine wars between different levels of government, town, borough and county.

As a result of the CLC recommendations in the report and ensuing debate, it was decided with WDA/CLC support to set up the Holyhead Opportunity Trust (HOT) with twelve trustees from different parts of the local community, to oversee a range of regeneration projects under the banner of 'a much happier Holyhead'. The projects included attracting inward investment, redeveloping the inner town, projects for young people and publicising and promoting the town.

Over the ensuing two years CLC fielded four consultants 'on the ground' to support the trustees and 'help deliver the projects' through collaboration with local businesses such as British Rail and Sealink (who rebuilt their Holyhead terminal). The results were impressive. The people of Holyhead were fired with a new enthusiasm and even took to the streets for the first time for a series of summer festivals and Christmas marches. Through the partnership of CLC and WDA Holyhead had started to transform itself...and soon national government through the Welsh office even decided to extend the highway, the A55 all the way to the town! A distance of 30 miles.

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