CEO UK plc

"Through CLC's 1:1 support I have learnt to deeply self-reflect and face the complex challenges in my role as CEO. I manage my Board in a much more direct and transparent manner...I don't have the doubts I had a year ago"


Divisional SVP Europe

"The importance of having experienced consultants constantly challenging me on my leadership style and decisions certainly helped me look at myself as a leader and transformed the way I drove change throughout the restructuring year"


Self reflection 

Head R&D Global Pharma

"It was great to have CLC's help for the first year after the merger. In practice you held us together as a function, when there was no leadership, and we were all in danger of falling out with each other. I don't think we would have got through it without you"


CEO Oil & Gas

"Tremendous difference in just one year. You helped us put on the table: moving projects / resources, collaboration on budgets & forecasts world-wide, give and take e.g. between different locations, exchange of best practices & processes, ... these didn't even exist a year ago"


Reflect on and alignment with other people'

CEO Financial Services Co

"CLC helped me, and my leadership team, to realise and understand the importance of cross cultural differences and the power of the system and kept us continuously aware of the importance of workingwith these differences through the restructuring period and for the integration efforts still to come"


SVP Global Restructuring

"A CLC partner was my 'Trusted Adviser' during the challenging phase of the radical resizing project. They were available whenever I needed them, and they supported me very effectively in understanding the human complexity I faced and the power of the global system forces, and helped me and my team align our people in new ways"


System awareness and system forces


MD European Packaging Company

"CLC support to me and my senior leaders during two very challenging restructuring years clearly helped us to repeatedly deliver our targets and maintain a positive focus."


Head of Global Project Pharma

"The Leadership Support from CLC was of huge importance in my development as a leader in the new merged company. It has enabled me to drive change despite strong resistance. I am now able to more confidently align people with the big idea"


Delivering despite resistance

Head R&D

"My new role was leading a division of 3000+ people, to shape it to our new vision and to integrate legacy departments to become 'one' and to establish an open and trusting atmosphere. I needed to learn to get help in a way I'd never needed to before and CLC helped me to do that. And we were able to create and deliver a new R&D operating model"


Head of Strategy & Change Oil & Gas

"Leadership - we learnt how to create empowering environments and asking for help through the global workshops & personal leadership support - no-one else did this or could have done it"


Asking for help

5DL The Book

5DL The Book Rev1

Arriving summer 2017

The Creative Manager

CM Reduced

An exploration for the potential for change in all individuals and the reasons why so many fail to achieve that potential in the environment of an organisation.