Martin Loxton is a highly experienced senior consultant.

After qualifying from the University of Cambridge with an MA in Natural Sciences and Social and Political Science, and with a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Administration from the University of York, Martin pursued his passion for community development working for Social Services in what was the mining area of Leicestershire. He then went on to work with Siemens, IBM and other major industrial, high tech and governmental organisations training senior managers from all over the world in communication, and team working.

Martin has led assignments including guiding senior leaders and their teams during high profile business integrations and through the process of major strategy and organisational changes. Martins role has been to coach these senior leaders through the experience of making very tough decisions, and leading their teams through challenging tasks, including raising their game, significant downsizings, and outsourcing of activities. Martin has been a trusted advisor to senior leaders in the pharma and other high tech industries, and has a reputation for working with these leaders to transform dysfunctional teams in to outstanding teams.


Martin trained in counselling and psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, where he is now a member of the teaching staff, supervising on the coaching training.

Martin has lived in many locations, worldwide, and now lives in rural Sussex. An area he has fallen in love. In the past he was a passionate cross-country skier, but now loves to sail. He has a boat that he keeps in Chichester Harbour. Martin has studied Buddhist meditation for 35 years.