Report May 5, 2023

The ‘Hard’ Leadership Skills of the next decade

It’s clear that in all areas of society there is a need for, and a move towards, a new way of leading & working built on relationship & collaboration

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Opinion May 4, 2023

CLC’s Expert Tips for Implementing Change

Human factors that underpin successful change, or which stop it in its tracks, are increasingly held responsible for costly failures. However, they are still underestimated by most organisations setting out on your change journey.

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Opinion May 3, 2023

The ‘Existential Crisis of Leadership’ in 2023

Leaders and leadership are right now facing a very real ‘existential crisis’.

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Article May 2, 2023

Building the ‘Hard’ Leadership of the next decade

How do we develop the ‘Hard Leadership Skills’ of the next decade? In our article ‘The ‘Hard’ Leadership Skills of the Next Decade’ we outlined the need for a new leadership context as we look to the rest of this pivotal decade. In this article we’re bringing the solution into focus. It’s clear that in all areas […]

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Case Study May 2, 2023


Over two years CLC, who developed 5DL, worked with AstraZeneca as the two global pharmaceutical companies merged global operations and specifically their R&D organisations, totalling around 10,000 people. 5DL underpinned this process. In particular developing leaders’ 1DL (self-awareness and capacity for self-reflection) and 2DL (awareness of impact on others, understanding difference and group dynamics) was […]

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