Change Implementation

Strategies and processes don’t drive change. People do. For over forty years we’ve been helping senior leaders to secure complex change. Mergers and Acquisitions, new strategies, Operating Models, downsizing and digital transformation – all require attention to the human side of change.


We help senior leaders to ensure the success of change projects by aligning critical talent around the strategic vision, embedding new leadership and change competencies and transforming attitudes and mindsets so that they become positive drivers of change.


  • Measure and map organisation & leader readiness to align to a new mindset and working culture
  • Focus changes in resources where they’ll have the most impact
  • Introduce new mindsets through ‘on-the-job’ support and project education
  • Monitor and map progress of the entire process to allow real-time adjustment



  • Change project leaders get a clear understanding of the human and cultural issues that could block change.
  • Understanding that implementation of change is totally dependent on leaders and their ability to align and bring their people with them.
  • Gain absolute clarity on the size of the challenge in getting ownership for the change.
  • Key management issues that are critical for the success of the change, plus early wins, are identified.
  • Establish a baseline from which to set behavioural performance targets over the life of the change project.
  • Create empowering environments for people across the organisation to help them take ownership for driving change.
  • We are ‘light on the ground’, time and resource efficient, focusing resources where you need them, when you need them.
  • We transfer change implementation skills into your organisation through ‘on the job’ support and project-based development.
  • We monitor and map the progress of your change process, enabling real-time adjustment.


We work closely with the people leading change to build a process that brings your organisation – your people – on your journey with you.

  • We map the readiness of senior leaders, teams and the organisation as a whole to drive and lead change.
  • We support CEOs, MDs and senior leaders and advise on organisational design that includes a robust process for implementing and embedding change.
  • We support the total change effort through our skill and experience in working with individuals and teams and by helping to ‘join up’ the entire organisation.
  • We are ‘light on the ground’, time and resource efficient, focusing resources where you need them, when you need them.
  • We transfer change implementation skills into your organisation through ‘on the job’ support and project-based development.
  • We monitor and map the progress of your change process, enabling real-time adjustment.


  1. 1. Change Mapping > 2. Change Readiness Workshop > 3. Implementation Support and Measurement > 4. Change Tracking


Do you want to make informed decisions about the level of change management support you need to meet your new business goals? Then you need to know your organisation’s readiness for change. Our unique analysis helps you gauge that readiness. We use quantitative and qualitative approaches to gain a deep insight into exactly what you’re working with as you set out.


From the outset, you need to bring your senior leaders with you. We help design and facilitate events that do just that.

  • Understand how the current change profile will impact the delivery of the new business goals
  • Recognise and transform mindsets that will help or hinder change (using the CLC Six-Step Mindset Analysis)
  • Align behind individual and group change targets (on both business and attitudinal objectives)
  • Agree your change management milestones


Implementation Support: We help individuals and teams create the attitudinal and behavioural changes necessary for them to support the delivery of change.

Individual Support: A relatively small number of key people exert huge leverage in shaping the new style of the organisation. They need to understand the purpose and meaning of the changes, and they need to feel some ownership of the process. We support the overall sponsor and other key people to provide a visible model of confidence and empowerment in implementing new ways of working.

Team and Group Support: Similarly, teams can have a huge influence in a change process. We raise teams’ awareness of their process and behaviour to remove blockages to performance. This unlocks their full potential and results in dramatic enhancement of business performance in support of change goals.

Large Group Facilitation: For change to be fully embedded, you need to build a critical mass of people who are aligned behind the change. We can help you design, lead and facilitate events that bring large groups of leaders (50-300) employees together. These events align and focus them into a powerful leadership coalition for change.

Measurement: You need ‘eyes and ears’ within the organisation that help you assess the climate and keep track of how well the change is going. We gather patterns and behavioural measures from all aspects of our support programme that provide this data.


The goal posts often shift on a major change programmes. To see where this is happening and where you want to refocus your efforts, we help you measure your programme against agreed metrics and measures. Throughout your project we will track events and achievements. At the project’s conclusion, we will provide you with a summary document that will equip you to deal with the next change.

Other Services

We coach CEOs and senior leaders by providing and highly relational ‘Trusted Advisor’ service to create a ‘Future Leadership’ mindset that really delivers.

Our Trusted Advisor service is a confidential, individually tailored one-to-one programme that develops organisational leaders who are energised, proactive and effective and who bring the best out of those they manage. It can be delivered within the context of the organisational change process, or, it can be delivered with a focus on leaders’ personal and professional development within the broader context of their role.

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Through a three-day programme we equip managers and leaders throughout organisations with a future leadership mindset, fit for the next decade. At the core of this development is 5DL (Five Dimensions of Leadership).

These highly interactive, modular programmes can be used to suoport leadership teams, talent groups and broader groups of management. They will take your people through a series of 5DL ‘Future Leadership’ steps.

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